Page 17 shares the story of his reaction to 2023 and the Welcome To The Dark Ages event.


Page 17 presents a long overdue reaction to 2023.

“Go forth with your pages and interpret the book. Make art for now. There is paper and ink, you can use any resource here.”

Some work with pens and paper and improvisation. Some can not draft a stick figure to save their lives.

Some rely on technology. And time. And shamelessly ripping off their inspirations.

“In the Wikitube”

HD Video + Disc Menu.14’44”

Limited edition of 17 Blu-Rays + 6AP

AP 1-5 will be sent to The JAMs and their conspirators.

AP 6 will be kept by the artist and destroyed upon the experience of artist’s remorse.

Blu-Ray copies are available for 5,23€ including shipping within Europe and the UK.

Rest of World shipping add 3,23€


Make payment to:

All copies will be shipped by 23 August 2018.

5 Questions For The Artist


Does one get ideas? Conquer the world through telecommunication? Work through revision? Would one conclude that anybody still owns a blu-ray player? Do I order? Could someone think their page still matters? Do those bits link together? Is this worth experiencing? Does perception change with location? Did this connect in your brain? Will I feel after? Should this be improved? Did you find the exact clip that disgusts me so much?


Did the footage come from? Do we get our cultural touchstones? Is everything ripped off from? Are my 23s and Doctor Who samples? Is my fuuking disc already? Can I get a list of everything sampled? Does the book mention that? Is it shipping from? Are we screening this afterwards? Do we go from here?


Did you have time for this? Will it get here? Did it first come together? Will it be online so that I don’t have to pay for it? Are you going away? Was that photo taken? Will we have cake? Was this supposed to be done? Was that newscaster reporting?


Did you think this was a good idea? Should I watch it? Is there no ISIS footage? Did it have to be on blu-ray? Did you have to use that song? Can’t I just enjoy the chorus? Aren’t there any 23s onscreen? Is there a baby in the washing machine? Does everything you say sound like a question? Can’t you just fuuk off and leave this to the people who matter? Am I still reading this? Is it so long? Is it shorter than 23 minutes?

Anything to add?

Have all 17 copies found a home? Wouldn’t it be a shame to reveal too much first?

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