Today has been long overdue.

The heatwave has burnt itself out.

23 simultaneous streams have worked.

A crack in the clouds has yielded enough rain to reawaken the mycelium.

It’s time to plug back into the network.

First job on today was to read Cameron ‘Page 210’ Lee’s beautiful script for his film, The Future Stone, that starts shooting tomorrow.

If you’d like to support the project, please do. The script hints at something rather special.

Next up, it was time to finish Ben Graham‘s epic dystopian/discordian tale, Amorphous Albion.

Set in a Britain ravaged by the fallout of Brexit, the tale pits the heroic chaos magicians of The Hove Space Program against the oppressive forces of The Order.

Split into 5 distinct books, the author ramps up the action (and guest stars) with every successive book until the North West of England becomes the centre of an epic battle between good and evil.

The are so many wonderful moments in this book that brought smiles of joy to my face. The cultural references are pitch perfect. If you miss them, that’s fine, the story doesn’t suffer. But if you’re on board with them, you’re in for quite a ride.

Amorphous Albion is also incredibly cinematic in its style, as we move from one thrilling set piece to the next. A stage adaptation would also be quite something.

Although conceived prior to last August’s Welcome To The Dark Ages event, Amorphous Albion feeds off those magical few days and is a must read for at least 400 of us.

It is fair to say that my own writing inhabits a similar parallel universe to the one that Ben has created, but Amorphous Albion’s universe is a much more richly textured one. As the heroes travel through a much altered British Isles, each city has its own distinctive landscape of heroes and villains.

The arrival/reveal of these characters is genuinely thrilling to read and time after time, as you read and wish ‘wouldn’t it be good if…´, the story reacts like a ‘make you’re own adventure’ book and grants your wish. With bells on.

A conventional ‘buy this book if’ list would be full of spoilers, so I’ll plump for something else.

Buy this book if:

– you liked my books – this is better.

– you think the greatest of our cultural icons deserve their own epic quest.

– you fancy a fantasy novel set somewhere else to Middle Earth/Westeros.

– you’re in a RAW/Campbell/Higgs sponsored reality tunnel.

– despite all that is wrong with the world today, you suspect/hope that one day love and magic will save the day.

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