Welcome To The Dark Ages graduate Cameron Lee has exciting plans for this August.

Krautrock legend Damo Suzuki and everyone’s favourite Scottish Island, Jura.

A debut feature film by Cameron Lee and ‘Zero Films’ following the journey of a terminally ill man up to the rural Scottish island of Jura, where he realises that what he wants the most is to ensure that he is remembered after he dies.

‘The Future Stone’ is a dark drama with supernatural themes exploring one man pushed to the edge desperately trying to find a purpose in the last few months of his existence. Using both contemporary and classical Jura folklore, ‘The Future Stone’ tells the story of a man trying to cement himself as part of the island’s mystery – to create something which will mean he will never be forgotten.

Plus the best ever crowd funding reward I’ve ever seen.

Right here

More to follow when I get it.

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