Twenty-three days, since the release of my second book, Together, the moratorium is over and it’s time to talk about my wonderful contributors, collaborators and co-conspirators. My initial idea for Together was to include some of The 400 as fictional characters, but I was a little uneasy about this process. Instead, I put out the call out for anyone to share their tales of November 23rd and I was blown away by the response. Submissions came in from around the world, New York to New Zealand, with ages spanning four decades.

So take a bow,

Andrew Robinson, Mervyn Diese, @exedore_de, Chris Burgess, Jonathan Downes, Scaramanga Silk, Mark Love, Ben Graham, John Horabin, hoppo, Pries Verhon, Darren Tyler, Kevin Lowe, Kurt Savage, Ade Cartwright, Nix Moriarty, Mike Cooper, Stephen Clarke 1980, Stephen Mejias, Phil Nash, Johanna Dornell, Robin Scarlett, Becci James, Al No, Ben Purdy, Amilcar Ortega, Mari Gustafson, El Clayton, Ian Bell, Michelle Olley, Alexander Grundy, Kate Alderton, Toby Berryman, Mandie Buchanan, Lisa Lovebucket and Anonymous (received via surface mail post)

TOGETHER is the sequel to WHATEVER and is part of the WTF TRILOGY

There are 23 stamped copies of TOGETHER. They are looked after by:

  1. Robin Scarlett
  2. Darren Tyler
  3. Toby Berryman
  4. Nic Moriarty & Mike Cooper
  5. Andrew Robinson
  6. Ade & Amanda Cartwright
  7. Mark Love
  8. El Clayton & John McLaughlin
  9. Pries Verhon
  10. Scaramanga Silk
  11. Mandie Buchanan
  12. John Horabin
  13. Ben Asseltine
  14. hoppo
  15. Becci James
  16. Ben Graham
  17. Gary Aster
  18. Lisa Lovebucket
  19. Todd Kasten
  20. Mark Andrew Nordstrom
  21. Tony Shea
  22. Al McGregor
  23. Kate Alderton

When I started to put Together together, I knew the timelines and realities were becoming blurred around the edges and I had the idea to represent each chapter with a short video montage.

The only person I could turn to was hoppo, creator of this amazing history of The JAMs.

He dived in head first and the results were stunning.

Originally, each chapter linked to a twenty-three second video. Here they are, all together.

My other artistic collaborator on Together was Canadian Ben Purdy. His distinctive posters first caught my eye on The KLF Facebook page and his stunning chapter plates set the tone for each chapter.

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