April 23rd.

St George’s Day. William Shakespeare is born. Sergei Prokofiev is born. Vladimir Nabokov is born. Shirley Temple is born. Roy Orbison is born. Lee Majors is born. Ed Stewart is born. Crackerjack. Mike Smith is born. Timothy McVeigh is born. John Oliver is born.

AIDS virus is identified. Favoured day for Soviet Nuclear Tests. Sinclair ZX Spectrum launched. Matt Smith debuts as Doctor Who.

Date of crucifixion, calculated by Sir Isaac Newton. Saint George is beheaded. Ethelred I dies. Ethelred II dies. William Wordsworth dies.William Shakespeare dies. He is already dead.

April 23rd is the launch day for Project MuBook.

Project MuBook is literary freedom.

Project MuBook is anonymous.

Project MuBook is a reaction to 2023.

Project MuBook is an army of words.

Project MuBook is writing your own invitation to the party.

Project MuBook is the book inside all of us.

Project MuBook exploits Amazaba.

Project MuBook is 23 pages long.

project mubook

If you’re still reading and want to join the Project MuBook Library, full instructions are detailed below.

  1. Set your Word processor to the following page size.11
  2. Write something. Anything. Make it 23 pages long.
  3. Add a title page. Like this.

title page

4. Add your own title page. Like this.

title 2

5. Amazaba want a book at least 24 pages long. Make this your last page.

not a page

6. Go to here and sign up/login. Fill in the tax forms. For Amazaba. I know.

7. Click +Paperback.


8. Enter the Project MuBook details, with your 2023 page number for an author’s name. The title of all Project MuBooks is Project MuBook.2345

9. Give your MuBook a category.

10. Keep it clean…


11. Get your own ISBN. It may contain the number 23.


12. Select the following Print Options.


13. Upload your manuscript. This takes a while. Make a cup of tea.


14. Design your own cover.


15. Skip the cover art and choose the top/centre template on the second page. This one.

cover des

16. The font is ANTON. Format it like the one below. Don’t worry about the spine. Your MuBook won’t have one. Choose your own colours.


17. Set your own pricing. £3.23 seems reasonable.

18. Publish your book a few days before April 23rd or any 23rd of the month going forward. This normally takes 24 hours.

19. Announce your book in the usual places on the 23rd.

20. There is an option to get ‘Author Copies’ of your book. Choose this. It’s cheaper and Amazaba get very little.

21. If you need a pre-formatted template, email me at

22. If you need any help/support/encouragement, email me at

23. Your first deadline is April 23rd. Be your own editor.

That is all.

The first Project MuBook is available here.

There are more…

5 thoughts on “PROJECT MU-BOOK

  1. Two more to report. Neither a pure mubook, but, after all, not following the rules is what mubookishness is all about, is it not?
    REGENCY ROMANCE by Julian Porter
    Regency! Daft young women! The secrets of the marriage chamber! Breast fetishism! Sapphists! Depraved sexual practices! Cannibalism! A very confused third-person narrator!
    ANTI-ZEITGEIST MANIFESTO by Julian Porter and Page 269
    Culture is driven by the zeitgeist, the spirit that tells us that all that matters is that we do what everyone else does. Value form over function, puff over product, agitprop over art. Worship the new simply because it is. Anti-zeitgeist rejects this. Anti-zeitgeist tells us that truth is not to be found in the open spaces of the Internet, or in the relatable, the populist, the fashionable. Truth is hard and to be found in the hard-to-find places. Fashion is easy. Anti-zeitgeist rejects the easy way out, the way of slacktivism, crowd-sourced ideas and opportunistic virtue signalling, for the strange, the alienating, the disturbing, the true.

    Recall that Page 269 also wrote the, almost literally, unreadable MuBook ‘Cogito’. Conclusions, deductions about the identity of Page 269 are all in your own imagination.


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