Lockdown 1: A New Hope was a fairly productive time for me. FR3VR multiplied into over a dozen iterations, some of which I’ve already forgotten where I put them. It also gave me a chance to begin my research for my next book, INEEDTOGOBACK AKA Finding A Hill To Die On. As with my previous books, the research and structuring have to reach a kind of critical mass before the writing starts, but after it does, the words flow steadily. The story is a departure from what has come before and will come out when it’s ready, although I’m fairly certain it will be on the 23rd of the month.

Lockdown was also an opportunity to express myself musically as well and, as is the way things are for me, ten tracks appeared from pretty much nowhere. I didn’t set out to make an album, but after a while the pieces started to fit together, into an imagined soundtrack to my FOREVER TRILOGY.

It’s available in a typically bewildering number of versions from those lovely folk at Bandcamp, both digitally and physically with some wonderful sleeves courtesy of Graham Evans.

Here’s a link to the store, followed by a track-by-track preview.


1. Fanfare For The Death Of Reality

Because everyone loves a jingle.

2. Here On Apophenia, We Tick A Better Tock

Sands of time, winds of fate.

3. Down The River, The Basilisk Awaits

Hearts of darkness, rooms of black.

4. Der Käfig…Kommt

The cage is coming. Werner Herzog directs.

5. All Circuits Reversed

Brutalist Radiophonic Workshop

6. $23 Bill

Everyone’s favourite number station.

7. Evolve, Revolve, Resolve

Twenty-three hour rolling news coverage of the end of the world.

8. For All Time

.ton tub, sihT

9. The Girl That Remembered

The calm before the storm.

10. Keep Looping Forever


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