Today started like most 23rds of the month, with me frantically refreshing for the update we were all dreading.

The list of of The MuMufied had received a welcome update, but nothing else was forthcoming by 00:23, so off to bed it was. This was going to be a busy 23rd anyway.

The carpark space in Stoke was trying to tell me something.

That something was to check my emails before our 2:30pm appointment with ESTATE.

Never mind. We have eternity after all. Now to the job in hand.

The guides working outside ESTATE recommended the FULL ENGLISH LOCKDOWN to begin, followed by a more leisurely stroll through afterwards.

Here we go…

The 15 minute slot allows for both the FULL ENGLISH LOCKDOWN EXPERIENCE and 7 or 8 minutes of a more gentle tour.

Highlights below.

It’s the maid’s day off.
Build A Fire.
Fixer upper.
Amber Alert.
Kids in cages.
Off to the bar.
Musical chairs.
Colonel Cauty
Half time.
Just some bricks, enjoying the moment, with not a mobile phone in sight.
Breezeblock Party.
Straightforward messaging.
All Hail The Staff!
Amber Gambler.
Has anyone got any blu-tac?
Hail Brenda!
Standing Stone AGM.
Ball Pit And The Pendulum.
Bricks up to monkey business.
Laundry day.
I know it’s over.
Vigilante OAPs.
Queen Mu-m.
Standing Stone AGM getting heated.
Weird shit in the basement.
❤️Key workers❤️
Mu-bility Scooter.
Biscuit time.
Found it!

Two days later, it was all over.

For now.

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