All good things must come to an end and so must THE WTF TRILOGY.

FR3VR will complete both THE FOREVER TRILOGY and THE WTF TRILOGY, which is economical if nothing else.

In the spirit of infinitely recursive story telling and at the behest of Daisy Eris, FR3VR will also be a trilogy, actually three trilogies.

It will be available on YouTube, Twitter and paper.

The release date of August 23rd marks the three year anniversary of the time an Ice Kream Van pulled up outside a radical book shop and everything changed.

FR3VR is a multi-media collaboration with The Five:

Peter Horneland (Illumination)

Amìlcar Ortega (Inception)

Lisa Lovebucket (Incantation)

Buff Primer (Instrumentation)

Charles Catashi (Intimidation)

FR3VR can be found in print in four places.

The stunningly illuminated book in collaboration with Peter Horneland. £10.23

The drably functional, but frustratingly collectible Purists Edition. £10.23 if you really want it. But I wouldn’t. The other version is beautiful.


THE COMPLETE WTF TRILOGY with a cover illustration by The Conductor. £20.23

All of these will be available through Amazaba from 23/8, but pre-order through me get a trilogy of treats.

⁃ The first 23 will be hand numbered, hand stamped and come with an Ambient Audiobook recording of FR3VR on CD/download code.

⁃ The next 23 will be hand stamped and come with an Ambient Audiobook recording of FR3VR on CD/download code.

⁃ Subsequent orders will come with a download code for the audiobook.

This applies to all orders of FR3VR including THE FOREVER TRILOGY and THE COMPLETE WTF TRILOGY.

All prices include postage and packaging.

Pre-orders before 1/8 should arrive on or before 23/8.


Please use Friends and Family option.

A huge thank you to everyone that has supported me so far in this adventure.

I’m confident that the story is ending on a high.


Lucy Taylor
Charles Catashi
Padre Camacho
Elon Aroma
Tasso Jacobaeae

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