It’s now 23 hours since I was fortunate enough to watch Paul Duane’s What Time Is Death? and what a wonderful cinematic ride it was.

Paul’s documentary takes us every step of the way, from the firing of the million pound brick to the laying of Simon Cauty’s MuMuFied remains on November 23rd 2018.

Along the way, Bill and Jimmy lurk in the background as everyone involved in the development of The People’s Pyramid take centre stage.

Paul’s patient lens pulls out some wonderful moments along the way, encouraging us to believe, yes, it is real, this did really happen.

Hopefully, this film will eventually get a full release and this unique story about a unique project will get the audience it deserves.

23 things I learned:

◦ Paul Conroy, The Photographer of The JAMS, is a war photojournalist for his day job. Because of course he is.

◦ The ashes from burnt bank notes are much in demand to make golden yellow bricks.

◦ Nick Coler is a one-man jingle-machine.

◦ You can hire the Red Army Choir for the price of a few meal deals.

◦ It could have been tyres not trolleys.

◦ The Trancentral Mobile needs a bit of a tidy up.

◦ The Trancentral Mobile is guarded by crows.

◦ There were already 3000 Bricks registered as of November 2018.

◦ The Architect knows how to make perfect Kimchi and prescient predictions.

◦ There’s a studio version of Jarvis Joins The JAMs somewhere.

◦ 23 minutes is where it’s at

◦ The JAMs need to catch up on their correspondence.

◦ Tony is a mean doorman.

◦ Harry is the Master of The Trolleys at Tocky Tesco.

◦ A leg will be plenty.

◦ A brain cremates to a little black blob.

◦ Spirit levels are important.

◦ Wees are good.

◦ The Undertakers’ dramatic tail lift entrance was a bit last minute.

◦ The youngest FutureBrick is currently 2 years old.

◦ Gimpo has his work cut out for the afterlife.

◦ ‘Go Crazy or Go Small’ are words to live by.

◦ Gimpo will always need subtitles

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