Day 3+1: PART ONE – The Day of The Architect

Finally got back to my room for 3:23 am. Didn’t want to wreck the sheets so I hastily splashed away my skull facepaint which had actually left my skin feeling silky smooth. Maybe MuMu beauty products are a future venture. Then I drifted from my waking dream to a more traditional one.

Woke at 8:23 the following morning, feeling remarkably refreshed for 5 hours sleep. Checked out, dropped my case into the boot of my car and headed back to The Dead Perch Lounge, my home from home for the last 5 days and probably the next 5 years.

Overnight, some fresh posters had arrived.

The work of Bill and Jimmy? Or someone else? No one was saying.


Inside for a cup of Yoko black coffee in its wonderful cup. Three days ago these cups were selling for £20.23. Today it was free with a cup of joe. I sat down with some of my fellow volunteers, none of which I’d met before, but all of us talked warmly for the next hour or so about what had just happened. The past. The present. The future.


Bill and Jimmy were knocking about, still in the same clothes – hopefully fresh pants. At 11:00:23am we were summoned down to the basement, where we had collected our wristbands 3 days earlier and architect Paul Sullivan gave a funny/serious and thoroughly engaging presentation on his involvement in the construction of The People’s Pyramid. Impressive and often impenetrable sketches adorned the walls illustrating the construction process – think Russian Dolls with pyramids and leyline maps used to locate the location of the site, somewhere in Toxteth tbc.

Also present were the newly formed CCC and D undertakers, stamping Certificates of Mumufication for those signing up to become part of the People’s Pyramid. There were many takers, who still had £99 to spend. I’ll sign up soon, when I’ve got the money spare (to burn?)

Finally, Paul directed us into the next room, 23 at a time to see a presentation by The JAMs.


Then, after a few hugs and handshakes, I set off home from a place I will never leave.

(I think most of the photos included are mine. If I have included one of yours by mistake and you’d like me to remove it, please let me know in the comments)

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