After a rather manic afternoon of social media madness, The Hearing at a The Black-E was quite a nice change of pace.

The Badger Kull Hardcore Fans amongst The 400 had arranges to meet up to discuss strategies, but with no agreements made, we all decided to stick apart.

While we were waiting to be let in, we were treated to the world premiere of Yoko Kunt and her super groupie performance.

Then just after 7pm, we were let into the magnificent building that is a The Black-E to be greates by a familiar site and given a pound – which, incidentally brought the ticket price back down to £99.

Once we were inside the main room, I got myself a seat on the second or third row, turned off my phone and waited for evening to unfurl.

After a couple of minutes, the voices behind me started to become more and more familiar. A Liverpudlian female voice was joined by a male from from Yorkshire and an Italian one.

“Excuse me”, I asked. “Are you The a Psychedelic Détective Agency?”

“We are indeed”, came the reply.

The PsychDets coverage of The Dark Ages is well worth your time, as is all of their subsequent patter.

Dawn of The Dark Ages

Day 1

Day 2

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A Conversation with Oliver Senton

A Conversation With Daisy Eris

In this picture: Detectives, Shard Enablers, Whatever Actors and Remix Project co-conspirators.

The Hearing served two purposes, I think. Firstly, a recap of the work of The K Foundation and secondly, a chance that her different options and eye-witness accounts. Each expert added their own take on Why The K Foundation Burnt A Million Quid.

First up, was Jeremy Deller, an artist that had walked a similar path to The JAMs. His argument was a mixture of outsider art and pop music as the greatest art form. He was not a fan on Fatboy Slim.

Jeremy set the scene well for Annebella Pollen, who built upon Jeremy’s argument with illusions to weird kults from the early 20th century.

Hopefully, a reprint of her book, The Kindred of the Kibbo Kift is not to far away.

Next up was Tom Hodgkinson, from The Idler, who had plenty of Bill anecdotes, but I couldn’t really follow his argument.

After Tom, came economist Ann Pettifor, whose anti-usury explanation was closest to the aims of the original Justified Ancients of Mummu.

Finally, Clive, some fella from a ‘youth lifestyle’ mag said it was something to do with deetzing(?) the current fad of spending on stolen credit cards. All he really explained was that there is a whole generation behind us with no idea what the fuck is going on.

Then came the eyewitnesses they told the story from The Tate to The Everyman via Cape Wrath. All had a great tale to tell, although I got the impression that Gimpo felt he was on trial.

Finally, John Higgs came on to deliver his definitive explanation – “it was asking for it.”

Then it was time for The Officiator to “call in The JAMs” as Bill and Jimmy came to hear the verdict.

My own explanation is it was a mixture of extreme exhaustion, guilt and a dab of mid-life crisis. In actual fact, it turned into quite an investment into the marketing budget.

Final words on why from Daisy:

(I think most of the photos included are mine. If I have included one of yours by mistake and you’d like me to remove it, please let me know in the comments)

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