Available now, but not for long.

The 400 Remix Project Store


PayPal here

Six months in the making.

Made by The400 for The400.

32 tracks across two CDs featuring the names of every 2023 pageholder.

Featuring the vocal talents of Mr Oliver Senton, plus some very special guests.

All proceeds to be split between The Natural Death Centre Charity and The Florrie ADP/NYC fund.

Bandcamp streaming page.

First Edition was limited to 100 copies and was released on 23-05-18.

The 400 Remix Project.

Copies can be pre-ordered for £10.23 + £2(P&P).


Please include your full name and address in the comments. DO NOT select ‘Goods and Services’ as PayPal take a fee from our charity.

Overseas postage on request.

Thank you.

Read the story of The400RP here

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