While in Liverpool I was able to buy Book 2 of Andy Gell’s ambitious Forever trilogy. Of the many works of art created by The 400, Andy Gell has definitely become the scene’s most prolific and hard-working literary representative, and although Forever 2 is about 280 pages long, I read it in one go on the slow train back south and enjoyed it hugely. On one level it functions as a science fiction distorting mirror of many of the real-world capers I and others have been involved in over the past few years, so I may not be an unbiased reviewer (the Hove Space Program even make a cameo appearance), but I think it still works as an engrossing, fast-paced and thought-provoking tale in its own right. 

(Ben Graham)

It is here.

Now and Forever.

FOREVER BOOK TWO, from this point onwards to be referred to as FOREVE2.

Book four in The WTF Trilogy – I’m as confused as you are.

As with previous books, I will be selling author stamped (+ a free postcard) direct to you to avoid all of that Amazaba nonsense.

It’s a big book – 300 pages – and I’m very, very pleased with it.

I set out to write the definitive comic, epic, science fiction conspiracy weepie.

I think I did it.

It’s about Art, Time and Money.

It’s about Inner and Outer space.

It’s about the bond between twins.

It’s about a silly crow on Kingsland Road.

It’s also about the greatest musical that never was.

It will cost £10.23 including postage, packaging and a postcard. For shipping overseas it will be £15.23 in total.

Like FOREVER BOOK ONE, it is available in a glossy, sci-fi cover or a plain, two colour Purists Edition.

I can also include stamped copies of WHATEVER, TOGETHER and FOREVER BOOK ONE. Get in touch for more details.


All four books for £20.23 (inc. postage to the UK)

The FOREVER TRILOGY and The WTF TRILOGY will both end with FOR3VER, which will probably come out on August 23rd 2020.

A complete FOREVER TRILOGY will also be released.

It will be an inch thick.

I will start writing FOR3VER on November 23rd 2019.

You have been warned.

Please PayPal to:

andygell1@gmail dot com

Select the ‘Friends & Family’ option and include your address in the comments section if you want it posted. Please also specify which cover you would prefer.

Thank you xx xxx

Catch up here

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