The WTF Trilogy concludes with FOREVER. Review.

FOREVER will be an inch thick.

It will comprise of FOREVER, FOREVE2 and FOREV3R.

These will be released on various 23rds over the next year.

FOREVER has a choice of covers.

This wonderful one featuring stunning artwork from TOGETHER illustrator, Ben Purdy.

And one for the purists.

FOREVER will be available from Amazaba from November 23rd

There will be 23 stamped copies available direct from the author.

These will be of the fancy or purist versions and will include a gig poster replica postcard.

They will cost £10.23 including P&P. Overseas postage available on request @ReactionsTo2023

Early Bird Stampees will receive their copy on or before November 23rd.

To order your stamped copy, please use the link below.

Select ‘Friends & Family’ and include your address in the details.

PayPal link

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