“…we should return to our war horse and complete the task…maybe Jimmy and I should wait until we are both over fifty before we record the sound of us as battle-scarred veterans of a hundred mercenary campaigns…”

(Bad Wisdom p.207)

Jimmy Cauty said of it in December 1990: “The ‘Black Room’ album will all be this kind of electro turbo metal. It’s not really industrial like, say, Throbbing Gristle, because it’s coming from house and has an uplifting vibe about it. But it’s so heavy it will just pin you to the floor.”[3] Bill Drummond said of it in 1991: “It’s the complete yang to the yin of The White Room. It’ll be very very dense, very very hardcore.

(Deep) Shit Just Got Real


Had Z joined D’JAMz?

A long muted Deep Purple covers album?

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