I finally got hold of a copy of Imagine Waking Up… from Germany via eBay.

I first saw the trailer, a couple of years ago, long before Welcome To The Dark Ages and still a year of so before The JAMs big announcement.

The DVD was a bit of a find – thanks @stephenclarke1980 – as the film itself is only shown once a year in cinemas near The Atlantic Ocean. I think this year’s showing was somewhere in Cornwall.

I was really impressed by the documentary, not just for the unrivalled access to the mind of one this country’s greatest living artists, but also the wonderful cinematography on show throughout the film.

As well as following the process of the creation of Bill’s epic Consider Score, the film documents that history of The17 from its inception.

As all of The17’s performances are of a time, a place and a location there is very little in the way of archive recordings. Once it’s done, it’s deleted.

So this may well end up being the only document of this project.

Bill listening to Consider on the West Coast of Ireland.

As well as all the footage of The17, there is plenty of other stuff about his old band and a trip inside that legendary shipping container.

A must watch.

The17 Istanbul

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