First thing I wrote post Dark Ages and probably still the thing I’m happiest with. Published in a real book by real people.

Also features some fantastic proper writers.

An issue of Discordianism to celebrate our 23rd journal. Pre-order Psychedelic Press XXIII now: Out 26.2.2018

Help support the Psychedelic Press Journal and take out a subscription.


1. Editorial by Nikki Wyrd

2. Mescal: A New Artificial Paradise by Havelock Ellis

3. 23 and Me by John Constable aka John Crow

4. Is this for Real? Psychedelic Adventures in the 23 Current by Ben Graham

5. Sex, Drugs and Discordia by Adam Gorightly

6. Don’t be a Hero by Catherine Kneale

7. The 23 Current: Eris, Psychedelics and Chaos by David Lee

8. We Flirted with Muses by Adrian Reynolds

9. Hold On 2.0 by Andy Gell

10. An Experience with Mescaline by Gregory Hill


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