Here is my take on the South Yorks read through of |the|sen|ten|ce| a sci fi tale of crime n time I went to see it with El and John their car was stuck in freak snow in Notts so I drove us up in my Ford while we caught up on all things Mu Mu n when we got there we had a bite to eat to get set for the four hour read the room had space for two doz inc those who read n we got our own book to read our selves n right from the off it was clear that this book was a one off n made for a gig like this put on by D n M of Love n Will Al the scribe kick it off n then the five at the front read at quite a pace being turn on and off by D I read along til page 23* then I just watch the read through B 4 going back to the read along there was so much to take in n to think on n time was key to the tale n it was done B 4 you knew it n then I gave Tock E Tom my book n he gave me his n we had a great chat bout The Dark Ages n what comes next n then we drove back n the snow was gone.





*if you’re going to break the rules, do it with 23.

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