the BooKs Of BokONOn

Exciting new project from The 400’s Horton Jupiter.

Books Of BokONOn is a new record label which will be heavily curated and feature wild, psychedelic, weird, fun, and hypnotic dancing music together with heavy philosophy, magic, surrealism and polemic. Initially there will be two simultaneous releases and five months later a further three releases.

This campaign has been set up to fund the first two releases, with an option to subscribe to all Five.

BooKs Of BokONOn one: Another Gentleman Day by Pipl Blong Tomorrah, b/w secret remixes (details to be revealed at twenty five to six)

One night almost exactly three years ago I had a dream about Bill Drummond, dishing out art advice. Very weird as I never remember my dreams. I emailed him about it to see if he had any advice, and as a p.s. I mentioned something that had caught my eye as I was writing the email, an article that someone had posted about Yoko Ono’s Lighthouse At The Top Of The World. Although Bill is a friend of artists everywhere, I like to think that the main reason that he responded was because of that p.s. and he set up a scheme where I was to email him with my artistic developments and he in turn was secretly sending me chapters of this project he was working on, which of course became the return of The JAMMS.

Sometime during this email exchange, we see that THIS happens in amongst my enthusiastic garble:

“Then at twenty five to six (of course) am harvesting some bits off a hard drive for something else and I found Ken giving it the old Wol Wontok. So it immediately springs to mind to chuck him on this track and i’m looping it up a bit at a time so i can warp his meter to make him all groovy and sounding like he’s talking along to the music and then it suddenly hits me! Although he’s saying “narrah fallah day” in his Wol Wontok, the meaning of it is just…..”TOMORROW AND TOMORROW AND TOMORROW AND TOMORROW AND TOMORROW” on a fucking loop, over a loop of The Tomorrow People. I sit there listening to this go around and around and around in my headphones for 2.3 hours and the frequency shifter effects i stuck on his voice are making it seem like he’s starting to sing along. infact it’s getting so odd i’m starting to feel he’s communicating to me from the other side right into my headphones. weird scrying business. I guess it’s because his voice is so rich and musical that if you sit and lose focus it appears to go all over the place, hence the musicality and what after a while appear to be the words;

“You’re not afraid of death, You’re not afraid of dying”

At the time I felt like I may have accidentally created a time portal.

2.3 years later and we all wind up standing on a certain manhole cover in Liverpool, having been introduced to the Bill & Jimmy’s new endeavour as undertakers and pyramid builders, when Ken’s insanely talented fruit, the polymath whirlwind that is Daisy Eris Campbell points out that she’s made it into Bill’s book reciting Ken’s translation of William blong missus shekspere – What the hell?! – meanwhile in the last two years the track has rocked so many dancefloors from my dub cut that it’s finally time to get it out there. A time machine *may* come in handy, and your disco LOVES Ken Campbell…

BooKs Of BokONOn two: Kerry Riley – You’re No Good

a 21st century remake of Terry Riley’s lost classic ‘You’re No Good’. Originally commissioned by a tripping Philly nightclub owner in ’67, Terry’s loop and delay masterpiece is a full FIVE YEARS ahead of Tom Moulton’s “first disco record” in it’s extension of a 3 minute northern soul cut into 20 minutes of hypnotic madness. Unfortunately the original becomes way too messy for even the most fuckest uppest of leftfield dancefloors, so BooKs Of BokONOn have recreated it’s maddening and magical beauty from scratch using 21st Century tech to elicit wild whoops and hollers on the dancefloors of the current discordian disco underground. It’s an essential piece of history for the future, now that time as we know it is coming to a big question mark, with it’s newly repurposed central message thrown at a civilisation past it’s sell by date. ‘You’re No Good’ could be an anthem to sing as we wave ta-ra to our outmoded slave owners and their old ways of being, dancing our faces off.

Artwork for this project by the inimitable TURBO ISLAND

23 percent of any profits from this release will be split between a charity for parrots and the David Lynch foundation, which encourages underprivileged children to learn meditation.

There are some mo’ related rewards in the pipeline, so watch the skies for updates 🙂

Love, light, and peace – the BooKs Of BokONOn, twenty five to six (o.n.o.), 17/11/17

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