As told by Gimpo’s Marshall.

‘Yeah, outside the the bar – a guy who worked for the local council- councillor is probably the wrong name for him really….but…he was talking – he’d been asked to help clear a few things about the show- the use of the block of flats location specifically – he was talking about his own coincidences linked to this- he is in a band too as it happens, and originally from Liverpool- recently they went back there and shot a video on THAT manhole cover – apparently that freaked even Bill – but what is far far weirder, is the story about the block of flats -the specific flat they used belongs to a little old lady – apparently they all went round there to explain what it was they were doing and get her blessing – so she sits there while Bill explains an outline of the Henry Pedders story – when they conclude she says ‘ Oh, yes, I’ve heard that story before…’ – non-plussed looks all round- then they ask – ‘what do you mean, you’ve heard this story before?’ she says – about 5 years ago another actor came round here wanting to also use my flat in a film – and he told me the same story you just did….they checked it out a little further and discovered the actor was Idris Elba.

What the Actual Fuck???

I think you are right though – it’s increasing.


Bring it on.”

Image by Hoppo.

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