Bido Lito

There will be 99 volunteers. Forty nine pairs, so that no one gets lonely and a golden ticket. They might be lonely.

There will be questions asked of your commitment to 2023.

There will be questions asked of your commitment to The JAMs. For your trouble you will get a stamp.

(I am bringing 10 copies of my cynical cash-in, Whatever and selling them with a 23p discount. For your trouble you will get a stamp.)

I’m also bringing stickers. Lots of stickers.

It’s ‘happening’ between 7pm and midnight on 23rd November 2017. One year before the inaugural Toxteth Day Of The Dead.

It is happening North of the River Thames. The other side to The Shard. We will probably be seeing it at some point though.

Across the river from The Shard is The Old Billingsgate Fish Market. This is now a glorious event space.

Southwark has a tale to tell.

Henry Da Riot from 2023 has appeared on Twitter, just as he did in the book. He is quiet at the moment.

Henry’s journey to The Shard starts on the Kingsland Road, near Bill’s place.

My journey to Kingsland Road from work is numerologically interesting and full of badgers.

It’s going to be a bit chilly, so bring a big coat.

The next day is BLACK FRIDAY.

There’s a few other bits that I’m keeping to myself. You don’t need spoilers.

This many be nothing but…

More here

And here


No more news. Resorting to angry memes.



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