It’s been 30 years since I sent my demo to KLF Communications. We were a white-boy rap trio (very ‘87) called A.P.B. I was A, Patrick was P and B was for Boz for reasons lost in time. We’d sampled ‘APB’ from I Gotta CD, the debut single from Disco 2000, Bill and Jimmy’s attempt at a new pop paradigm.

I love the fact that I was polite enough to write asking first of all if I could send the demo and the fact that they were polite enough to write back. Twice.

The fact that they replied the second time in the guise of The Timelords was particularly special as they probably had a lot on their plates at the time.

Thirty years on, I got to meet The King/Timeboy in the flesh and he was just as friendly and encouraging as he was way when he wrote these notes.

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